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Frequently Asked Questions


At all times when building a new home, questions will arise from both the home buyer and BDM Construction. BDM Construction will always be available to home buyers when they have small questions or large questions. This open communication makes the process smoother and takes many worries out the the process.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that BDM Construction receives from home buyers. Remember that other questions will always come up in the home building process.  Please contact BDM Construction with them.


Q. How long has BDM Construction been in operation?

A. BDM Construction has been in the new home construction business since 1974.  The company started by building one split-entry home in 1974 and continues to build all styles in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. 


Q. How much time does it usually take to build a new quality home?

A. In most cases to build a new home it takes a minimum a 120 days.  It can take longer when building bigger homes.  This process begins on the drafting table, then BDM Construction must obtain building permits before the actual groundbreaking begins.  The final completion of the process is the closing, where title is transferred to the buyers.


Q. What are the first few steps in the process of building and buying a new home from BDM Construction?

A. The first step is meeting with the builder and determining your needs and wants of a custom built home.  Secondly, you must decide what type of home is wanted and what location, based off of your individual needs and finical considerations.


Q. How does BDM Construction and the client work together in the building process?

  A. BDM Constructionís job is to receive the information that the clients have on ideas and thoughts to be able to develop a home plan that will give the best possible results.  The clientís job is to present the builder with the home needs to complete the structural design and to arrange financing.


Q. Why is working with BDM Construction a unique process?

  A. BDM Construction works together with the client one-on-one every day, so that if questions or problems arise they will be solved promptly. The builder also personally inspects the home job sites daily so that each part of the building process is done correctly and on time. This direct response to customer and building site needs creates a home quality standard.   The superior products used throughout the home and the manner in which it is constructed ensures lasting enjoyment of your home.